I go to more concerts than I can really afford, and sometimes I wonder if I, in another life, should have been one of those musicians up there on stage, if for no other reason, then to save money. But one thing is certain, music is a lifesaver, and going to a concert is like being given oxygen when your breathing fails; a bandaid to stop the bleeding; an injection to keep you immune for a while longer. Not all concerts are created equal. Some are definitely better than others. Sometimes the musicians play better, or the singer has better anecdotes, or the setlist was exactly what the doctor ordered, or the crowd simply just turned up that day. As a concert goer you are not always in tune with the band, but what really matters is, that we all make the effort to meet in this sacred space where music-making and music-receiving takes place and willingly accept the premise that for a couple of hours we’re all in this together.

Pictures and videos on this site are all mine, and many of them are of questionable quality. But then again, the best concert moments are usually those you don’t photograph or film. Those moments when you lose yourself and take it all in, rather than concentrating on taking pictures and clicking buttons. So, I enjoy it when I manage to take an especially good picture or capture an especially fun moment on video, but I also know that most of the pictures/videos are not that great – and at the end of the day, what really matters is… that I was there! And maybe, so were you?