Lany, The Forum

IMG_8214London, Monday October 8, 2018

Some time earlier this year, when watching a YouTube video of sunny California, the accompanying song of the video caught my ears, with striking lyrics like, ‘You were, you were, the drug of my choice, my great escape now… You are, you are, the drug of the town, who hasn’t had a taste? Come on, come on, everything’s fine, fine in LA. New York, New York, no more, no more’.

Googling the lyrics, I found out it was a song called BRB by a band called Lany (LA-NY), who it turned out, had already released about 20 emotive electro powerpop-songs about breakups and longing and melancholy. What I didn’t realise but was soon to find out, is that a Lany gig is a proper fangirl experience, complete with screaming girls and throwing of roses on the stage.


The band consists of main songwriter and frontman, Paul Jason Klein, who holds court all alone on the main stage. His three fellow band members, Jake Goss (drums), Les Priest (Keyboards, guitars) and Giuliano Pizzulo (Guitars, keyboards), stand on a raised platform above the stage. Klein has a piano/keyboard set up on the middle of the stage which he plays from time to time. For some songs he straps on a guitar which seems more like a fashion statement to wear rather than an instrument to play. Whether it’s because the other musicians play the same chords as Klein, whether the songs are arranged in a way it doesn’t matter whether he plays or not, or whether he’s not plugged in, is hard to say, but it doesn’t really seem to make a difference to the songs whether he plays or not. Either way, he’s not here to play his songs, he’s here to sing and perform them. 

With his bleach blond hair and bright yellow football shirt, Klein sticks out on stage even among all those bright colours on the screens behind him. It’s a visually pleasing show, with each song having its own video theme taking up the whole backdrop and impossible to ignore. The visuals suit the songs well, as if each song is showcased like a live music video.


Lany’s latest album, Malibu Nights, has just been released three days earlier but all the new songs are treated like long lost friends by the audience, who embrace each word and sing the songs back at Klein, who happily stops singing to surrender himself to the sonic hugs of the crowd. Not least of all the album’s title track gets a warm reception, with Klein sitting down at the piano playing a quiet lullaby, bathed in stars projected on the starry night screen behind him, as if he’s playing piano up in the sky among the stars: ‘Way too much whiskey in my blood, I feel my body giving up, Can I hold on for another night, What do I do with all this time’? Klein may not be the best singer around, but his voice lends just the right amount of emotion and conviction to his catchy songs, where the forte is fetching melodies layered with lyrics full of twists and turns, and a considerably more adult delivery than the average pop- or R&B song. 

Though all songs this evening are greeted by screams and cheers, particular favourites seem to be songs like Hericane complemented by dramatic red lighting, highlighting the drama of the song (‘Cause our home is a wreck, look at this mess’), Pink Skies is accompanied by a video backdrop of cars driving on the Pacific Coast Highway parallel with luscious waves licking the sandy beach), and for 13 the stage is bathed in dark blue shades, turning Klein and his bandmates into dark silhouettes.


And when Klein sings the first lines of the last song, ILYSB, the audience could be forgiven for thinking they were not in London on a chilly Autumn night, but in Malibu, California, being young and in love, without a care in the world, not having to worry about having to get up for work tomorrow: ‘Ain’t never felt this way, Can’t get enough so stay with me, It’s not like we got big plans, Let’s drive around town holding hands’.

The casual romanticism of the songs is the real triumph of the evening. Songs in which summer never ends and you’re forever in a car cruising down the highway with wind in your hair and the car radio on, with the waves crashing in, and your ‘heart hurts so good, because you’re in love so bad, so bad’.


Lany setlist
1. Thick and Thin
2. Good Girls
3. Bad, Bad, Bad
4. Taking Me Back
5. Valentine’s Day
6. Made in Hollywood
7. Hurts
8. Run
9. 13
10. If You See Her
11. The Breakup
12. Let Me Know
13. 4EVER!
14. I Don’t Wanna Love
15. Hericane
16. Super Far
17. Pink Skies
18. Malibu Nights
19. Thru These Tears

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